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School District of Spencer






High School Library (6:30-9:30pm)


  1. Call to Order by Board President
  2. Verification of Compliance with Open Meeting Law
  3. Roll Call- establish quorum
  4. Recognition of Visitors
  5. Agenda Changes
  6. Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings
  7. Action to Approve -Restructure of Post-Employment Benefit provided to Teachers. Addition of Post-Employment Benefit for other District Employees effective 6/30/17
  8. Approve Second Reading Policy 237 Director of Technology Job Description
  9. Approve addendum to 2017-18 Transportation Contract
  10. Approve 2017-18 WIAA Membership
  11. Approve Four Year Old Kindergarten Teacher
  12. Approve Bid for Updated Lighting for High School Gymnasium
  13. Approve Open Enrollment Applications 2017-18 school year
  14. Approve Youth Options request for the 2017-18 School year
  15. Approve Alio Data Processing Contract
  16. Accept Resignation Athletic Director
  17. Administrative Reports:
    1. Mrs. Schulz
    2. Mr. Gorst
    3. Mr. Endreas
  18. Committee Reports
  19. Rocket Pride Report
  20. Executive Session under WI s.s. 19.85(1),(c) : discussion on compensation of school staff
  21. Return to Open Session
  22. Action (if needed)
  23. Adjournment

 School Board

Jim Krasselt​​President
​Tom Schafer​Vice President
​Shawn Lyon​Clerk
​Jodi Hebert​Treasurer
Tom Marcott​Director